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I can't fall asleep

The problem could be a mineral deficiency. Your muscles and nervous system are looking for a way to relax so you can sleep. Changing positions won't help. Once you provide your body with what it is looking for, you may get the results you want.

If this sounds like you:

I Wake up in the middle of the night

Your muscles and nervous system are telling you that there is an imbalance in your body that normal diet and exercise are not providing.

If this sounds like you:

I'm Never comfortable

This is most likely due to your body not being able to relax fully, even when you're not consciously awake. This state prevents your brain from going into a deep sleep mode, and you wake up still tired.

If this sounds like you:

My partner is disturbing my sleep

Nobody knows a person's sleep habits better than their bedmate. If your partner is having difficulty with sleep, then so are you. There are many possible causes. But also many possible solutions. And some of them you can even try tonight!

If this sounds like you:

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