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“Better Sleep – Better Life” Describes what we have learned after helping thousands of people just like you sleep better over the last 15 years. It is a boiled down version that gives you the facts you need to know to start sleeping better today.


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“Better Sleep – Better Life” can be read or listened to in less than 15 minutes. It is an easy read with a lot of information that will help you sleep better tonight. 

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“Better Sleep, Better Life” explains what we've learned helping thousands of people sleep better.

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Learn some common mistakes that could prevent you from sleeping well.


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Good advice for the whole family

My daughter has been having restless sleep for a long time. It wasn’t until I came across the information in this book that I was able to find a solution so she could sleep better (and I could sleep better) each night! The information provided in this book is concise and helpful and we couldn’t have started sleeping better without it!


Great information!

This book is a quick read but gives you a lot of information on how to improve your sleep. You can tell it comes from a desire to help and be of service. I highly recommend it.

How it all started

Shawn lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, is married to his wife of sixteen years, and has two children. Shawn struggled with restless less sleep and restless legs for years. In 2003 he decided his life was not going to be ruled by these symptoms anymore. After consulting with doctors, specialists, naturopaths, etc, Shawn was forced to explore options to deal with his symptoms once and for all. After experimenting on himself, he developed the RLS-H Formula which was approved by Health Canada in 2011. In 2020, Shawn wrote the book “Twitchy Legs” that described how he managed to find a solution to his restless legs symptoms and developed the product now known as the RLS-H Formula that has helped thousands of people find relief from their restless legs and sleep better at night.