Any Questions?

Yes, we can ship to anywhere in the world. The shipping fee will be applied at check out based on your location. In Canada and the United States and most countries the shipping fee is FREE. If there is a shipping fee based on your location it will appear at checkout.

Yes, people have been using the RLS-H Formula for years to help manage their symptoms of restless legs. If you have questions please contact us.

Yes, people have been using the RLS-H Formula for years to help manage muscle cramps. If you have questions please contact us.

One bottle of the RLS-H Formula and RLS-multi will last approximately one to two months.

Yes, but it’s usually not enough. It is a well know fact that our food is lacking vitamins and minerals so getting enough magnesium solely from food is not likely. This applies to both organic and non-organic food. That is why supplementation is very important. Improved farming practices combined with the overuse of pesticides and herbicides have severely diminished the vitamin and mineral content in our food.

Our products have no known interactions with any medications. If you have any questions please contact us.

Yes, we have many people who have both type 1 and 2 diabetes who rely on our products.

Yes, pregnant and breastfeeding women can use our products. In fact some women experience restless sleep while pregnant for the first time.

The RLS-H Formula has two types of Mg. One is oxide and the other is a vegetable chelate extracted from specific food sources. Since The RLS-H’s inception, we have found these two forms combined provide the best results for people who struggle with restless sleep. To maximize the RLS-H’s effects, we recommend also taking the RLS-multi. The RLS-H Formula and RLS-multi are both patent pending.

Taking too much magnesium is possible however your body will use what it needs and eliminate any excess. The excess will go into the colon, causing it to hydrate, where the only effect is stools that are “loose.”  Millions of people around the world use magnesium simply because of the natural, laxative properties. This would be the only side effect, and any “overdose” is safely depleted through the kidneys. People on kidney dialysis or who have severe kidney disease should consult their physician before taking any magnesium in supplement form.

Typically, a person will take one capsule a day of the RLS-H Formula and 2 to 3 capsules of the RLS-multi depending on weight and health goals. Printed instructions are included in every order and for additional questions, please contact our support team.

Our products are safe to use with alcohol. Our products ship with instruction sheets for assistance and you have access to our online support team for additional help.

The RLS-H Formula can be used as a gentle, natural laxative. The laxative effect is specific to magnesium regardless of the form. If you develop loose stools while taking magnesium, it may mean you are taking too much at one time. Please contact our support team for additional assistance.