About This Book

If you do not feel refreshed when you wake up, keep reading! You are not alone.

Restless sleep is a silent  thief afflicting many people, but because it has many faces, no one is talking about it until they’ve reached their breaking point.

That was my story 20 years ago, however, my breaking point led me down a path of discovery that started in the early 2000’s when I developed a product for people who suffer from “Restless Legs”. It’s not important if you don’t know what that is. What is important is that during those twenty years, I was able to talk with and help thousands of people who suffer from restless sleep and help them start sleeping better. I don’t believe in luck but for the sake of an expression, I consider myself “lucky” that my loss of sleep didn’t push me to despair. I cannot tell you how many times I was moved to tears, listening to or reading people’s stories dealing with exhaustion and depression with no possibility of that elusive rest. That is what drives me. That is why I feel an obligation to help. That is why I wrote this book.

During the process of writing this book it became apparent that if I were going to help people sleep better, I needed to keep it simple. I wanted the reader to learn about restless sleep and help them determine if the information shared in this book relates to them.

My contributors and I made three important decisions. First, we did not want to create a technical book nor a medical book. Second, the book needed to be an easy and quick read. Third, we needed a book that would help determine if we could help you and present the information in a format that could be easily read and used.

The information I acquired through the years is contained in this book which contains two main parts. If used properly this will help you immensely. 

Part one of the book will help determine if our solution can help you, will explain why this is happening to you, and will describe how you can fix the problem. The solution I present can be purchased at any retail store and is commonly available. This section can be read and understood in less than 10 minutes.

Part two of the book explains how we have already done all the legwork for you so you can start sleeping better immediately. This section explains that our products are approved by Health Canada to ensure they are safe and effective and are developed specifically for people like you who struggle with restless sleep. In part two, I will also expose an industry secret you need to know which can affect whether our solution will work for you or not. I think everyone should know this and will want to “shout it from the rooftops”. Finally, I want you to know we are determined to help you sleep better. Whether you try our products or other options, our online support team is here to help you and it’s free. I strongly encourage you to reach out to them if you need help or have any questions before you start. Seeking our help can dramatically improve your chances of a better night’s sleep.

Let’s get started and make your dreams a reality.