My wife and I struggled to have a good night’s sleep due to my constantly kicking legs. Traveling for any length of time was a challenge. Even sitting to watch a movie was a chore because my legs could never find peace. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it also affected my powerlifting performance. Shawn introduced me to The RLS-H Formula and I immediately started to see results. Having a good night’s sleep is something that many take for granted however when this is not your norm and suddenly you start having deep peaceful sleep, it can change your world. I can now sit on an airplane for six to seven hours in complete comfort. I can stand at my desk working for long periods of time and I can watch a movie with my wife and completely relax. Most importantly, I wake up feeling renewed and rested.

My powerlifting has also improved because of The RLS-H Formula. Taking this product helps me to be strong both physically and mentally which is essential when competing. I also noticed that if I took The RLS-H Formula before a competition, I performed better as my legs were calmer. Afterward, I noticed that taking The RLS-H Formula also helped decrease the lactic acid build-up, and instead of feeling wiped after a competition, I felt strong and ready for more. As an IPF athlete, I must be very careful about what I ingest due to rigorous drug testing. I have been drug tested numerous times after taking The RLS-H Formula and it did not influence my test results in any way because of its natural composition. I’m grateful for having met Shawn and learning about The RLS-H Formula. It has improved my quality of life exponentially and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome. Let The RLS-H Formula change your life too!

Leon Brown

Two-time World Champion and World Record Holder in Powerlifting



• Elite Athlete
• Over 50
• Busy lifestyle


• No underlying heal issues
• muscular tightness
• Restless legs


• RLS-H Formula
• Maintain a healthy diet
• Get enough sleep


RLS-multi: Take 1-2 capsules daily.
RLS-H Formula: Take 1 capsule at bedtime.