Don't miss out on easy money

Now that our products are in your salon, let's have some fun and get some extra cash in your pockets. You need to register below for this contest to have an opportunity to win.

How does this work?

The RLS-multi and the RLS-H Formula are two supplements that can help your clients feel and look better. Like the shampoos and hair treatments available to purchase in your salon, these are two additional products that can also be of great value to your clients. All you have to do is make your clients aware of these products and talk about them. We have pamphlets and info sheets already in your salon with more information.

Talk to Your Clients

When you register, we'll send you some easy conversation starters and information by text that can spark new and interesting conversations with your clients.

Make a Sale

Our products will be available on-site for you to sell to your clients. Pamphlets are available to take home for more information.

Cash-in Your Reward

In addition to the commission your salon gives you per bottle sold, we will send you an additional bonus.

Sell 10 Bottles = Get $25
Sell 15 Bottles = Get $50
Sell 25 Bottles = Get $100

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Fill out your information and we will send you text messages containing relevant information that you can use as conversation starters and emails with all you need to know to participate and redeem prizes.

Contest rules: This contest runs on a monthly basis and resets every month. Sales cannot be transferred to a period of time exceeding 31 days. One person’s sales cannot be combined with another person’s sales. Cash is paid out on a monthly basis during the following month. We reserve the right to cancel or modify contest if issues arise that cannot be resolved.