Introducing The Power team

The RLS-H Formula

  • Designed specifically to promote quality sleep.
  • Key ingredients are two forms of magnesium that help your body relax which allows you to go into a deeper sleep.
  • This is not a sleeping pill and will not make you drowsy during the day. There are no side-effects and is safe to take with other medication.

The RLS-multi

  • Complete multi-vitamin including iron and B-Complex which promote a sense of well-being and improves mood.
  • The RLS-multi helps with muscular and nervous system regeneration ensuring sustained energy levels during the day.
  • The RLS-multi also contains a small amount of the RLS-H Formula which helps with muscle function.

Although these products are designed to be used together, they can also be used independently of each other. For more information and to shop, click below.

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