About Us

Berea Health is a family-owned company with a big vision. Helping people is the cornerstone of our mission and we thrive on making a difference in people’s lives.

Based in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, Berea Health started with a single product to help alleviate the symptoms of restless legs. Sales began on-line in 2005 then progressed to retail stores across the country. As with many businesses, the recession of 2008 forced many to pivot and adjust so the decision was made to sell our product through distributors, armed with Health Canada’s stamp of approval.

In 2020, another “moment in history” gave birth to a new opportunity for a relaunch and rebrand, focusing on a different market, those having trouble sleeping. Bringing back our online model was also a way to reconnect with our customers and regain that personal contact. With more than 15 years in the business, Berea Health continues to grow and improve, serving our customers with genuine care.

For more information about the history of Berea Health and the RLS-H Formula, you can order the book “Twitchy Legs” or download the free eBook.